There is just something about shooting a gun that makes you feel empowered and stress free. Many people who shoot guns enjoy spending time down at the range so they can blow of some steam and improve their shot. People have been shooting their guns at home for this same purpose for years, but when they are using certain targets they are learning that shooting has become more work than it has fun. When you are using paper targets you are faced with uncertainty, less shooting, and more aggravation. You may even find that you are wasting money. Switching to AR500 Steel Targets can make shooting enjoyable again by eliminating all those elements that take the joys out of shooting.

People who are wasting their time with paper targets may feel uncertain about their abilities, which takes the fun away from shooting. When you switch to AR500 Shooting Targets you can be certain that your shot is improving. When you use cheaper non reactive targets, there are no indicators that the target has been hit, however, when the steel target is hit, you will be certain that the bullet has made contact. When AR500 steel targets are hit, they let off a ring that can be heard over the shot of the gun so you are certain you hit the target every time.

More Shooting When You Use Steel Targets

If you are one of those people who blow off steam by shooting, you want to spend your time doing just that. When you use non reactive targets, you are wasting precious shooting time walking back and forth checking your accuracy. Since the ar500 Gongs are designed to use sound to let you know when the target is hit, you can spend more time doing what you love and less time walking back in forth. After all, you came to your range to shoot your gun, if you wanted exercise you would have gone to the gym. With AR500 Shooting Targets you can hear when the target has been hit and keep firing without wasting time. Save Money By Shooting Steel!

Shooting AR500 Steel Targets Is A Lot Of Fun

AR500 Steel Targets will help you save money in the long run. Cardboard and paper targets may be cheaper to buy, but eventually the cost adds up. When you shoot at a paper target, you are going to be putting holes in the target, which you could repair, but you can only repair a target so much before you have to replace it. Our steel targets are durable so you don’t have to waste money on buying more of them. Ammunition is expensive as well and when you are shooting at a cardboard target you are wondering if you are wasting your bullets because you don’t know how many have hit the target, wit the AR500 steel target you know every hit and know you aren’t wasting money on expensive ammunition. When you switch to the AR500 Steel Targets, you know you are doing what you love and not wasting your time and money with “cheaper” targets. Put the enjoyment back in the shooting range, simply by changing to ar500 steel targets.

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