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Browse our massive selection of hangers for steel targets.

We have many ways to hang steel targets on metal EMT conduit, T-Posts, or a 2x4.

Whether it be with hooks, chains, straps, or a static mount we've got you covered
when you need to hang your targets

I encourage you to watch the videos on the product pages if available as many of our solutions are unique and offer features and benefits you won't find anywhere else.

If you are not seeing the hanger you're looking for please use the search bar above to find the perfect one for your targets.

Just type what type of hanger you're looking for and tap the looking glass.

Common questions about our gong, silhouette, and target plate hangers

Hanger FAQ

steel targets for sale with lower material costs and ar 500 steel for sale

Do you have good reviews for your hangers?

No, we have GREAT reviews for them because we work tirelessly to earn them from our valued customers.

I don't expect you to take my word for it, and luckily you don't have to.

We have thousands of happy customers who will share their experience with you.

See some of our our reviews HERE

How much is shipping?

Shipping on all orders over $99 is FREE (lower 48).

We ship orders same or next business day except during sales where it might take us a few extra days to ship.

We cut our steel ahead of time and warehouse everything so we can ship right away with no waiting.

Why are your steel hangers zinc plated?

Unlike paint or powder coating zinc plating is a chemical bond.

Zinc has a vastly superior resistence to weather and more importantly spall.

This means you don't end up with a rusty dirty mess and your steel target hangers and targets will look great and hold your targets securely for years to come.

Do you guys use Chinese steel, plasma cut?


We use only the finest certified AR steels sourced from domestic steel mills we've built over a decade of trust with.

Our AR500 steel is bead blasted front and rear prior to laser cutting on the fastest fiber laser available.

This gives every target and hanger crisp clean cuts and minimal HAZ (heat affected zone)