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All orders over $99 ship free (lower 48). 

If you have a $100 order and you enter a discount for 10% off you
no longer have a $100 order, you have a $90 order.

You will need to add something to get back over our free shipping
threshold or pay the shipping.

*If your order is over $99 and you are still paying shipping note
that the cost of GOODS must be over $99.

The cost of shipping does not count as there won't
be any if you actually qualify

Q: I am close to $99 after the discount will you still ship free?
A: No, our free shipping threshold is already lower than most sellers and
many have no free shipping at all. We operate on very small margins so we 
can offer lower pricing to everyone.

All orders over $99 ship free (lower 48). 

If you enter a discount code that reduces your total to less than $99 you will need to add something to get back over our free shipping threshold or pay the shipping.

*If your order is over $99 and you are still paying shipping notethat the cost of GOODS must be over $99.

The cost of shipping does not count as there won't be any if you actually qualify

It's almost always one of the following issues.

  • Are you including the shipping you are paying in the total? Only the cost of goods applies.
  • Is your order total (not including shipping) still above $99 AFTER you entered a code?
  • Are you in Canada or outside of the lower 48? 
  • Did you select the FREE shipping method in checkout?

*Some customers prefer to ship their entire order via Fed-Ex or via USPS sowe make that option available for them.

You must select the FREE option at checkout to take advantage.

Orders over $99 ship free (lower 48) but you can get a rate quote anytime in the shopping cart.
You can see what that looks like HERE

We use USPS Priority Flat Rate whenever possible so you save on shipping.
For example you can ship 3 8 inch 3/8 gongs for the same price as 1 just $7.75

No bogus handling fees or inflated costs, you pay
what we pay and no more.

Most orders ship same or next business day (M-F) unless during a sale
where we can take 3-5 days to ship an order.

In most cases we will beat the delivery date shown
unless there is an issue with the carrier.

You can get a rate quote there as well, remember
orders over $99 ship free.

You can see your delivery time estimate in the cart.

To see where that is click  HERE

That depends on what you purchase, it could be USPS, Fed-Ex or even both.

We take full advantage of the USPS policy of "if it fits it ships". 

In most cases if it can fit in a USPS priority flat rate box this is how it will ship.
Some items can not fit and these will ship Fed-Ex. 

If you want your order to ship only via Fed-Ex you may specify this in
checkout if you are willing to pay the additional fee. 

No, and without exception.

We operate our fulfilment warehouse from our personal property
utilizing a very strict zoning variance that authorizes
us to operate as an internet only business. 

We won't under any circumstance violate or risk
losing this for anyone, ever.

We do not have a brick and mortar retail location and
are very strictly an internet sales only business.

Shipping is FREE on all orders over $99 and very reasonable
under that.

If you have an order (over $500) and live within 50 miles of 49426
we can deliver to you on our truck free of charge usually same or next day.

NO. (one exception US Protectorates)

Besides being ridiculously expensive
(often more than the cost of goods)....

There are too many delays, too many impatient
customers and other issues outside of our control that
are involved when shipping outside of the USA.


If you live outside of the lower 48 we do not offer free shipping as some of our items can not ship USPS flat rate and in many cases the shipping cost exceeds the sale price of the product.


The key to getting very inexpensive shipping outside of the lower 48 states is to order items
that CAN fit into a USPS Flat Rate package. You can get a rate quote right in the cart.

Should your shipping cost be very high you likely have an item in your cart that can not ship USPS
flat rate. If you remove that item ans get another rate quote you should see the cost of shipping decrease considerably.

Items that can not ship USPS Flat Rate;

  • 16" gongs
  • Full Size Torsos (18x30)
  • Steel Challenge Bases
  • 24" Gongs
  • KYL Target Systems (rimfire or centerfire)
  • Portable Target Stands (SKU: STAND-PORT-NF)
  • 18x24 steel challenge plate

You can get a rate quote anytime in the shopping cart.
You can see what that looks like HERE

The reason is almost always that the address you are using is incorrect.

Most often customers use the wrong zipcode, city name and even state in some cases.
Your address may also be malformed such as calling an avenue a street or forgetting
an apartment number.

If you can confirm your address using the tool below the website
will be able to get you a shipping rate.

Smarty Streets

Because it costs a lot less.

If you qualify and select FREE shipping we will use USPS Priority Flat Rate whenever possible
to ship your order because it is often 1/3 - 1/2  the price of Fed-Ex.
UPS costs even more.

We work hard to keep our shipping costs as low as possible so we can pass
these savings on to our customers. We would not want to make everyone pay
much more for shipping if there is a MUCH cheaper option.

Don't mind spending extra money to ship?

Great, If you do not like the USPS and don't want to use them you may always select
Fed-Ex or UPS and not the FREE option during your checkout if you are willing to pay for it.

Fed ex selection

Both the USPS and Fed-Ex are experiencing shipping delays currently
due to the pandemic and even riots in some locations.

Most packages get delivered on time, some do not. There is nothing we can do
to make them speed up your package.

Over 95% of our complaints come from the USPS.

If your package is shipped via USPS and is running MORE THAN A WEEK
late you may submit a trace HERE or contact our customer support and we can do it for you. 

In most cases this results in a delivery in 5 business days or less
of a mail trace submission.

If your package is a week late and was shipped by Fed-Ex you may
call 1-800-GO-FEDEX or contact us and we will do that for you. 

Most times they will deliver your package in a few business days.

If your package is not delivered within a full weeks waiting period
after a trace submission we will reship your order at no cost to you
and submit a loss claim.

We realize shipping delays are frustrating but kindly consider that
WE ARE NOT THE USPS and we are not personally delivering your targets. 

We will do everything we can to make sure you are taken care of
and that you get what you paid for.

RECENT SHIPMENT BELOW (was finally delivered after nearly 2 weeks)usps delays

USPS Tracking

We know your tracking says it's stuck in Grand Rapids, it's not.
If you call your post office they will tell you it's stuck in Grand Rapids, it's not.

How can we be so sure? We ship thousands of packages through them 
each month. We speak from experience, lots of it.

The USPS is experiencing extreme delays right now or as they put it; (see below)

USPS Delays

It's not uncommon currently for packages to "appear" as if they are in Grand Rapids
for 10 business days or more in some cases.

Our pallets of orders are picked up daily and taken to the Hudsonville Post office and then go
to the Grand Rapids Post Office. They may site there for a few days before they can get to them
and be scanned for arrival.

Your package will not be scanned in again until it ARRIVES at it's next stop and is scanned in
so it appears to you (and even their own employees) as if there is no movement.

Should you wish to be notified the second it pops into the system you may do so HERE

If your package is more than a week past their posted delivery date you may submit a
mail trace HERE or contact us and we will do that for you.

Packages normally will "pop in" within 5 business days of submitting a mail trace.

If 7 days have passed after a mail trace and your package has not moved we will reship your order at no cost to you and make a claim with the USPS.

We realize this is frustrating but kindly ask you to consider that;
WE ARE NOT THE POST OFFICE and we are not personally delivering your targets to you.

We will not rest until you get what you've paid for but ask you to please trust the system outlined above, it works.

Fed-Ex issues can usually be solved with a call to 1-800-GO-FEDEX 

Virtually all delivery issues we experience are with the USPS   

USPS tracking is terrible and occasionally will say a package is delivered when it's not.
These are the most common conclusions when this happens. 

  • Some orders will fit in your mailbox and ocassionally customers forget to look there first.
  • Mail carrier left the package in an odd spot, please look in garage, porch, etc.
  • It may be at the post office if the mail carrier did not feel comfortable leaving a package there. A call or visit to your delivering post office will often discover this if no notice was left.
  • If you live in a gated community or apartment complex, check the main office.
  • It may have been delivered to a neighbor, many times (assuming you have good neighbors) they will drop it off or call you in a day or 2 

 If you have checked out these options and still do not have your package, contact us for help.

To save us both money. Some shipments we will split if it costs less. If we can ship for less, we can sell for less and that makes everyone happy.

If you don't want to use USPS you always have the option to specify Fed-Ex 
and not the FREE shipping option if you are willing to pay the extra costs.

Some items are very large and can not be shipped by the USPS (at a reasonable price)

Items that can not ship USPS Flat Rate;

  • 16" gongs
  • Full Size Torsos (18x30)
  • Steel Challenge Bases
  • Static torso bases
  • 24" Gongs
  • KYL Target 
  • CENTERFIRE KYL Legs and Center Section
  • Portable Target Stands (SKU: STAND-PORT-NF)
  • 18x24 steel challenge plate

You can get a rate quote anytime in the shopping cart.

You can see what that looks like HERE

Larger orders are often split into multiple shipments or even split between USPS and Fed-Ex or UPS.

We send tracking emails for every shipment, if you take a closer look you should see you have one or several packages still en route. One or all of them may be hiding in your spam box.

This happens commonly with our Centerfire KYL's, Superlock Gong Galleries, Static Torso Target Systems, Portable Target Stands and Steel Challenge Stages.

*Kindly Note,
  your packing slip may indicate an item is in the box when only a part of it is. This is because we are unable to break up SKU's that are a part of a package. Please wait until ALL packages arrive before contacting us about a missing item. This is almost always the case when this happens.

Yes but before we do that please make sure you have removed all targets and searched the packaging carefully. Our packers often ship these stuck to the targets or even in false bottoms to protect them from damage during shipping. 

Virtually every time a customer calls us and checks again with this in mind they are found so please, kindly have a closer look with this in mind prior to calling.

We usually ship VERY quickly the same or next day. 

If we don't ship within 5 days of your order it's very likely there is a
problem with your shipping address.

It's also very likely we've already emailed you at least once by now asking for an
address correction but have not heard back from you. 

If you ended up here because we are running late shipping your order
look in your spam box, you will likely see that we've been trying to contact you.

We need your address in a form that will validate at smarty streets to be sure it will
reach you without issue. You can click the banner below to do that.

You may submit your correct verified address HERE.
Please include your order number so we can get your order out ASAP.

Smarty Streets

We can not verify your address as given. 

If we can't confirm your address we have no idea if it's close or completely wrong.

It's important to us that you get your order quickly and without
delay, please read the text below carefully.

Years of experience tell us that unless your address can be verified using the link
below there is a good chance that your package will be sent back to us.

Please use the tool below to edit your address into a format that can be verified with 
the smarty streets tool by clicking the banner at the bottom of this text.

Next submit it to us in that verified form using the contact field at the bottom
of this page so we can ship your order.

If you are unable to verify your address using smarty streets kindly confirm you routinely receive mail via USPS AND Fed-Ex at the address as you submitted it when you ordered and we will ship your order to the address as provided.

Note: If you confirm an address in a format that will not validate in smarty streets
below AND it gets sent back to us bcause of that address you will be responsible
for paying the shipping to resend your order a second time.

Smarty Streets


For questions like this see our TARGET SELECTION PAGE

To understand how to use that page have a look here first;


If you are after a nice ring when you hit your targets consider
the following tips;

  • Buy the thinnest targets suitable for the ammo you are using
  • Larger targets ring louder than smaller targets do
  • Wear electronic muffs that cancel firing noise and amplify bullet strikes
  • If using our chains or straps make sure your superbolts are tight

PRO TIP: The number one mistake customers make is buying thicker targets 
than they need. See the force calculator on our TARGET SELECTION PAGE


Our entire product line is now shipped with a special
high strength Yellow Zinc dichromate plating. 

There's more....

  • 100% USA certified steels from select mills we've worked with for many years
  • Bead bast front and back prior to Laser Cutting
  • Cuts from high powered fiber laser for minimal HAZ (heat affected zone)
  • We exceed industry standard hardness requirements for our AR500

No one else is doing this and we feel ShootingTargets7 targets are well
worthy of the moniker, The Gold Standard.

There are many advantages to our Yellow Zinc Plating

  • Targets arrive absolutely clean, free of oil and or rust 
  • Plating takes paint very well with no surface prep required
  • Vastly more impervious to bullet spall than any paint or powder coat
  • Superior weather resistance as it is a chemical bond vs a coating

The Gold Standard 

For questions like this see our TARGET SELECTION PAGE

Here is a brief synopsis;

  • Keep bullet speed BELOW 2850 fps at the target (the golden rule)
  • Don't shoot AR500 targets with steel core or jacketed ammo
  • Shoot ball ammo if possible, hollow or softpoint is harder on targets
  • There is no problem with FMJ as long as there is no steel in it

Our USA AR500 targets generally last a lifetime when used as directed.

Perhaps, but we will take a look to determine if ;

  • They are not using Chinese or "surplus" steel
  • They are not plasma cutting
  • You are also considering the shipping you will pay in the total cost
  • They are bead blasting front and rear prior to cutting
  • Their targets ship with a durable Zinc Plating
  • They are in fact the same size (pictures can be deceiving)
  • They have a lifetime money back guarantee on their AR500
  • They have an established business with thousands of positive customer reviews

A Yugo and a Lamboghini Hurican are both technically cars but they are not
of the same quality. It's the same with AR500 targets. 

There are sellers on eBay and even Amazon who say they
are selling AR500 when in fact they are not, don't be fooled. 

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the
sweetness of low prices are forgotten.” ~Benjamin Franklin.

Probably not.

We are not a custom fab shop, we prefer to design an item
once and sell many thousands of them. Small custom
orders slow us down and we run a very tight ship.

We will make an exception for orders over $2,000

We will need your drawings as a .dxf file
along with thickness and quantity needed to get you a quote.

If you need holes cut we need to know exactly what size,
where to put them and how many.

We are an approved Federal Government Contractor for
government sales please see our GSE information HERE

DISTANCE IS IRRELEVANT (we recommend 50yds minimum but this is conditional)

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that it's OK to shoot all rifles at 100 yds.
This is wrong, the BULLET SPEED AT THE TARGET is what matters.

This is because the heat produced under the strike zone causes the steel to rapidly expand and contract under the strike zone. This leads to marking or even pitting in some cases. 

This happens REGARDLESS of the thickness of the target.

If you do not have enough room for your bullets to drop below this before reaching your targets
consider using heavier / slower ammo.


An AR15 with 16" barrel and 55 grain bullet is typically at or above 2850fps at 100 yds. 

If you are shooting an AR15 at or under 100 yds with 55g ammo you will likely mark your targets. This marking will intensify into pitting as the speed increases, it happens fast. 

EDGE CHIPPING There is no material support on the edges of the targets and the edges are exceptionally hard due to heat produced during the cutting process (even with laser cutting).

As a result edge chipping may occur if you hit a target on the very edge with any round in excess of 2,000 fps. This is normal and is not a dangerous condition as there is no crater created to redirect lead towards a shooter.


  • We recommend a basic 10 yd minimum although steel challenge stages can be as close as 7yds
  • Our Rubber Straps or Superhangers are a safer option than chains when shooting closely
  • Always wear safety glasses when shooting steel, even bystanders
  • Avoid shooting pitted targets


  • We recommend a 50 yd minimum safety distance for rifles
  • Bullet 2850fps at the target? Back up until it's not to avoid pitting your targets
  • Always wear safety glasses when shooting steel, even bystanders

For more information see our Target Selection Guidelines


Shoot standard ball ammunition whenever possible. Hollowpoint and soft point ammunition tend to pit steel more aggressively. 

Avoid ammo with steel in or on it, standard brass or copper FMJ ammo is perfectly fine.

If you shoot both rifles and pistols and do not have enough room to avoid pitting your targets use one side for rifles and one side for use with pistols. This will ensure you have a nice smooth side for safe use with pistols at close ranges.

We will send you a review request email.

You will be sent a review request approximately 2 weeks after you receive your order.

If you can't find that email it may have gone to your spam box.

This email will have a link to review your products.

PHOTO REVIEWS: To get the 500 Pew Pew points for your photo review
you must have actually purchased the item you are reviewing from our store
and not from Amazon, Walmart, eBay or anywhere else.

If you do not want to wait for your review request email:


You can always leave a review by simply browsing to the product
page of the products you've purchased. If your review is 4 stars or more you 
will be given the opportunity to also leave a photo review.

Click the reviews tab, then use the write a review button as shown below.

Leave Review

On some pages reviews may look like this, the concept is the same;

Leave Review For Targets

Yes, you can leave them out without issue.

All of our products ship with ultra durable Yellow Zinc Plating (the Gold Standard) 
that protect them from the elements as well as resisting bullet spall.

Our Yellow Zinc Plating is much stronger than any paint or powder coat
because it is chemically bonded to the steel.

No one else is doing this and our customers love it.

All of our targets ship with a very nice Yellow Zinc Plating that can be painted WITHOUT PREP.

We do recommend you use fast dry auto primer of good quality. Lighter colors work best, especially if your range is in a low light environment like the woods.

When painted targets act as shoot n see targets and you can see as well as hear your hits.Most shooters repaint every 3 - 4 mags or as needed.


Don't skimp on paint, cheap paint has less pigment and you end up having to use 4x as muchand waiting 4x as long for it to dry. It costs you more in the end to use cheap paint.

With a quality primer like rustoleum you can touch them up and they will be ready to shootbefore you are back on the firing line.

Want to make your targets look great?

Shooters LOVE our line of  MAGNETIC TARGET PAINTING STENCILS They really ramp up the fun factor and turn plain targets into something special.


We do not always have sale or special offer codes available. If we do have a discount code available it should be shown automatically in the cart before checkout.
No, only one code may be used per order. If you enter 2 codes the store will use only the last code entered.


If you enter 2 codes the store will use only the last code entered.

Pew Pew Points may not be used in conjunction with sale codes, this is
mentioned clearly in every email notification when points are earned.

The entire reason we give Pew Pew Points is to reward customers with points they can use same as cash without waiting for sales to purchase products.

If you have an account with our store you are already a member and likely have points already. 

If not you may sign up here Pew Pew Points Program

All orders over $99 ship free (lower 48). If you enter a discount code that reduces your total to less than $99 you will need to add something to get back over our free shipping threshold or pay the shipping.

If you found a discount code in a forum or somewhere on the internet
and it's not working it's likely expired. 

Please make sure the code is spelled correctly and that you do
not have any extra spaces in the code.


We back the blue here and we are thankful for our Vets.

Lifetime 10% discount for Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire and First Responders.

We do require proof to maintain exclusivity for those who've earned it.Send proof (anything below) and we will return a discount code just for you.

  • DD-214 (redact SSN)
  • Copy of honorable discharge
  • Picture in uniform with name tag visible
  • Drivers license with Veteran endorsement
  • VA Card

We're vets too, just send us something we will recognize.

Thank you for your service!

NOTE: One discount code max per order. If we are running a sale you may be better served by using the sale code.

Pew Pew Points may not be used in conjunction with your veterans discount.

Send Proof of Service

Pew Pew Pew Points are a way for us to reward loyal customers 
with points that can be used in our store, same as cash.

Pew Pew Points Per Dollar: 1,000 Points = $10 | 2,000 Points = $20 | 3,000 Points = $30

You are signed up automatically if you have a customer account with us
if you don't you're missing out on;

  • 5% back in points for every purchase (essentially an extra 5% off on every order)
  • 300 points for simply creating your account
  • 1000 pts for every friend you refer (your friend gets 1000 points as well)
  • 500 points for submitting a photo review (limit 1 per order)
  • 500 points for celebrating your birthday
  • 200 points for sharing us on Facebook
  • 100 points for liking our Facebook Page
  • and more....

But you can't take advantage if you don't have a customer account.

*Pew Pew Points may not be combined with sale codes or special offer codes.

You will be notified by email of all points earned and you point balance will be maintained
and may be observed in your REWARDS LAUNCHER

You must be logged in to your account to earn or use points.


You must be a member of the Pew Pew Points program to earn or use points.

If you would like to sign up for our Pew Pew Points program CLICK HERE


If you have an active customer acount (that you can log into)
then you are already a member and may already have earned
some Pew Pew Points if you have made any recent purchases.


Pew Pew Points may not be used in conjunction with sale codes, this is mentioned clearly in every email notification when points are earned.

The entire purpose of our Pew Pew points program is to incentive our customers to purchase from us when we are NOT having sales.


You must properly refer your friends via your friend referral link to receive credit.
The process is simple but must be followed if it is to work.

While we certainally appreciate you spreading the word we have over
62,000 customers and growing, it's literally impossible to do this manually.

THIS VIDEO explains the correct method to refer your friends so you both get the
1,000 Pew Pew Points ($10 value) added to your accounts.


  • An account with our store is required for Pew Pew Points to be awarded, spent and tracked
  • The entire point of our rewards program is to "reward" customers for shoping with us directly and NOT with eBay or Amazon
  • You will get 300 points added automatically just for creating your account

Click the link below to have a look at the video at the bottom of this page titled;

"how to redeem your pew pew points"