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Target Selection Guidelines
(see below for more info)


  • RIFLES over 2850fps back up so bullet speed is BELOW 2850fps at target.
    (50 yd minimum with slower rifle rounds)
  • PISTOLS 10yd minimum


  • DO NOT use ammo with steel in or on it
  • * Speed must be BELOW 2850fps at target to avoid pitting
  • Mount on angle as in mounting kit demo video HERE (page bottom)
  • ALWAYS Wear shooting glasses when shooting Steel Targets



Chart below accounts for energy in Foot Pounds and velocity
in Feet Per Second. The colors represent different thicknesses. 

Use key below in conjunction with charts under it to determine
thickness for 
various ammunition to include shooting distances

PRO TIP: In many cases a thinner target can be safely used at long
ranges. Determine your bullets energy at range you will be shooting

from and determine thickness needed with energy calculator and key below.

Remember to enter bullet velocity AT THE TARGET

Bullet Energy Calculator

Enter Weight
Enter Velocity
Bullet Energy

NOTE: For 5/16 41600 assume max energy of 2000ft lbs (updated chart coming soon)



QUESTION: If I get thicker ar500 targets will they still pit if the speed is over 2850fps at the target?

ANSWER: YES, pitting has nothing to do with thickness. Pitting happens due to the intense heat underneath the bullet strike zone.

Steel falls out due to the rapid expansion and contraction caused by the heat leaving a tiny pit. It may actually pit more as it's heavier and less likely to move out of the way when hit.

To reduce this as much as is possible it's important you mount the targets correctly. Rob from Armslist.com did a great job explaining this for us. Click Here for video.

QUESTION: How do I get the most sound from my targets?

ANSWER: Buy the LARGEST AND THINNEST target suitable for the ammunition used. Don't expect to hear any noise shooting a

4"x5/8" gong with your 22.

QUESTION: Why am I pitting targets with my AR15! I'm shooting at 100 yds is something wrong with your steel?

ANSWER: No, see the golden rules at the top of this page. An AR15 @ 100yds with 55g ammo and a 16" barrel is right at or above 2850 fps.

ANY round moving at or faster than 2850fps at the target will likely pit them.