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Cheap Steel Targets

Bargain Bin Steel Targets

Inexpensive YES but NOT Cheap

Here you will find many AR500 steel targets and your best value for shooting steel with varied targets with minor defects.

All shooting targets and target systems are 100% serviceable.

Unlike paper targets they provide a great shooting experience for many years to come.

Some have small blemishes, or have been updated and we're selling old inventory at a steep discount.

Bargain Bin items are already marked down and are NOT ELIGIBLE for further discounts.

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  • Discount Shooting Targets

    These targets are an outstanding value if you don't mind a little blemish here or there.

    Some of these metal targets have nothing wrong with them at all. We continually update and improve all of our target systems.

    If they get outdated we sell them here at a great discount to make room for the new version..

    We will often have targets for pistols rifles or air guns available for sale here in the bargain bin.

  • No Additional Discounts?

    All targets and target systems listed here are already marked down significantly.

    Many of these items are priced near or even below our cost.

    Bargain bin items are first come first served and supplies are limited.

    If you are able to put an item in your cart it is still available. Finish paying in checkout and it's yours.

    Steel targets are a better value than any paper target because you get better training and they last forever with proper use.

  • From Cheaper Steel?

    No, these metal targets are from the same USA certified steels as the rest of our target systems.

    We have multiple targets available in many of these product listings while others may have only a handful of blemished items in stock.

    If you are after the best prices you'll find in shooting targets this is it.

    *as with all AR500 targets keep bullet speed below 2850fps at the targets to avoid pitting