Date: 2000 Publication: Pediatrics Topics: Accidents/ Unintentional, Age Group, Legislation and Policy, Storage Keywords: Child access prevention laws, unintentional firearms deaths The aim of this study is to reassess whether child access prevention (CAP) laws, which hold adults criminally liable for unsafe firearm storage is associated with a decrease in unintentional firearm death.
Author: Chapman, S. / Alpers, P. / Agho, K. / Jones, M. Date: 2006 Publication: Injury Prevention Link to Published Abstract Topics: Accidents/Unintentional, Homicide, Legislation and Policy, Suicide Keywords: ACCIDENTS -- Prevention, MORTALITY -- Statistics, MULTIVARIATE analysis, OUTCOME assessment (Medical care), SAFETY education Data from the Australian National Injury Surveillance Unit on unintentional and intentional death caused by firearms for the years 1979-2003 was analyzed in an investigation of the impact of 1996 gun.
Author: Hardy, Marjorie S. Date: 2006 Publication: Aggression & Violent Behavior Topics: Accidents/Unintentional, Age Group, Education/Counseling, Legislation and Policy, Prevention Keywords: CHILDREN & death, CHILDREN -- Wounds & injuries, DEATH -- Causes, HEALTH The author reviewed the more commonly used approaches designed to prevent firearm violence and unintentional injury and examine their effectiveness. The approaches reviewed included legislative reform
Author: Hepburn, L. / Azrael, D. / Miller, M. / Hemenway, D. Date: 2006 Publication: J Trauma Link to Published Abstract Topics: Accidents/Unintentional, Age Group, Legislation and Policy, State Keywords: Accident Prevention/ legislation & jurisprudence, Adolescent, Adult, Child Welfare/ legislation & jurisprudence, Cross-Sectional Studies The authors used data from the National Center for Health Statistics mortality files from 1979-2000 in an analysis of the effect of Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws on unintentional firearm death rates.
Author: de Souza, Maria de Fátima Marinho / Macinko, James / Alencar, Airlane Pereira / Malta, Deborah Carvalho / de Morais Neto, Otaliba Libânio Date: 2007 Publication: Health Affairs Topics: Accidents/Unintentional, Homicide, Law Enforcement, Legislation and Policy, Prevention, Suicide Keywords: Brazil, GUN control In October 2003, Brazil passed laws making it illegal to own unregistered guns, to carry guns outside one’s home or business, to sell guns without a background check, and to buy a gun before the age of 18.
Author: Ruddell R / Mays GL / Risky Behavior Date: 2004 Publication: Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice Topics: Accidents/Unintentional, Age Group, Legislation and Policy Keywords: accidental death, child access prevention legislation, firearms legislation, unintentional firearms fatalities The authors examined the association between risky behaviors and unintentional firearms fatalities among juveniles in this state-level study. The authors found that accidental firearms deaths were often associated with children under 7 years of age.
Author: Price JH / Thompson AJ / Dake JA Date: 2004 Publication: J Community Health Topics: Accidents/Unintentional, Homicide, Legislation and Policy, Ownership, Suicide, U.S./National Keywords: Gun ownership, Mortality, WISQUAR, cross-sectional, state In this cross-sectional study, the authors explored the association between 16 contextual variables with the occurrence of homicide, suicide, and unintentional firearm deaths, using data from 1999 for determining incidence rates involving pistols vs rifles.
Author: Frattaroli, S. / Webster, D. W. / Teret, S. P. Date: 2002 Publication: J Urban Health Link to Published Abstract Topics: Accidents/Unintentional, Gun Carrying, Legislation and Policy, Ownership Keywords: Accident Prevention, Adolescent, Equipment Design, Safety, UNITED States The authors reviewed historical trends and the current state of unintentional firearm injury and mortality. They described the demographics of gun ownership and the access to firearms by different groups.
Author: Miller, M. / Azrael, D. / Hemenway, D. Date: 2002 Publication: J Trauma Link to Published Abstract Topics: Accidents/Unintentional, Homicide, Legislation and Policy, Ownership, State, Suicide Keywords: Adolescent, Cross-Sectional Studies, Firearms, Suicide, UNITED States The authors examined pooled cross-sectional time-series data from 1988 to 1997 to assess the association between the rate of violent death among 5-14 year olds and four proxies of firearm availability.
Author: Ash, P. / Kellerman, A. L. Date: 2001 Publication: Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med Topics: Adolescent, Gun Carrying, Law Enforcement, Legislation and Policy, Prevention Keywords: Adolescent, Gun carrying, HOMICIDE The author reviewed measures aimed at reducing gun carrying and gun-related deaths among teenagers that have been particularly effective in American schools and some jurisdictions in the country.
Author: Cheung, A. H. / Dewa, C. S. Date: 2005 Publication: Can J Public Health Link to Published Abstract Topics: Age Group, International, Legislation and Policy, Suicide, Surveillance/Data Collection Keywords: Adolescent, Canada, Death Certificates, Suicide/ statistics & numerical data/trends The authors analyzed death certificate records and data from Statistics Canada for Canadian youth ages 15-19 who committed suicide in order to examine trends in youth suicide from 1979-1999 and the impact.