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24" AR500 GONG 3/8"

  • 24" Square gong (actual size 23.6"x23.6") SHIPS FREE (Lower 48)

  • Bead blasted and CNC LASER CUT for amazing cut quality

  • Massive 60.4 lb target rings loudly when hit, excellent for long range use.

  • Ships with adapter lugs for easy use with our target mounting kits. (see on left)

  • Designed for use with our TARGET HANGERS (not included)


Must be shipped to a physical address (no PO boxes)

Targets ship unpainted to keep
prices as low as possible.

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CNC LASER cut quality. Plasma cut prices.

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  1.    This item24" AR500 GONG 3/8"

  • Weight: 60.4 lbs
  • Mounting Holes: 5/8"

WARNING Once you shoot steel you won't want to settle for shooting at boring paper targets again.

Customer Reviews (7)
Great target for the price
I have 2 of these targets, one is up at my 500 yd. station where it is a long walk to hang a target. It's big enough to see well at that distance, and hits are easy to spot through my spotting scope. It also rings well when hit, giving me instant feedback. My second one I use behind my 100 yd. station as a safety backstop. Great peace of mind, in my situation. Review by Tiva's Dad (Posted on 4/23/2017)
Perfect purchase
Called Shooting Targets 7 because I had a couple of questions. Spoke with Mark concerning prices, etc. He ended up taking my order over the phone. 24 hours later the targets arrived. Again - 24 hours later the targets arrived!! Got the 24" X 24" X 3/8" AR500, 12" AR500 Round 3/8" and tossed in a 6" AR500 3/8". Also tossed in were the hanging bolts for the 24" X 24". Free shipping, couple of extras - and, oh yeah, these are exactly as advertised and expected. No kidding - this is some serious steel. Already hit them with some brake cleaner to get the oil off and one side painted. There is no way these things won't last for years. My son and Father In Law are almost as excited as I am. I'll add more once they've been hung and shot but the preliminary impression from order to painting is excellent. We'll be buying more of these I'm sure. I do have one question - how in the heck do you get 80 pounds of steel shipped in 24 hours FOR FREE?!?! Review by MStonerock (Posted on 4/6/2017)
Great targets and prices
I've owned some 12" and smaller shootingtargets7 targets for a couple of years. Just got the 24x24 for some long range rifle shooting. Haven't shot the big one yet. but the smaller ones have probably thousands of rounds in them and still look great. From what I've seen it's hard to beat the price too. Highly recommend! Review by Jayhawkhuntclub (Posted on 2/10/2017)
Very happy with my purchase. Extremely well made!! Review by Robert (Posted on 11/24/2016)
Good quality, large enough for long distance
I mounted this target at my 500 yd station. It replaces a 1/2 sized silhouette that was just too small for that distance. I painted mine white, so it shows up well. Only caveat is that if you need to pack it for a distance, or uphill, like I did: you will need a pack frame. 60+ lbs and a bit awkward. You'll love it once you get it in place. No signs of pitting, but my biggest guns are 308 & 30-06. Review by Tiva's Dad (Posted on 9/23/2016)
I started with a 10" AR500 gong. That is loads of fun until you get an AR-10 and start going for 300 - 500 yards. I am new to the shooting sport so I missed the 10" plate a LOT at those distances. Was I high, low, left right? Let's just say my spotters were as noob as I am: "I thinnnnnnk it was high????" Bought this 24x24 plate and you have a lot of leeway and still hit the plate and can see where so you get feedback. Makes a great sound when you smack it with .223 and even better with .308. You can still hear .22 but you need amplifier headphones. It's a real biscuit to carry up hills but after hefting this baby the AR-10 feels like a drumstick. Review by JackAttack (Posted on 3/21/2016)
Great backdrop!!!
I have a few targets I use up close with my pistols… I LOVE my silhouette target with the center mass hole…. But when I started zeroing my scopes at 100yds there wasn't enough angle to make my backdrop safe and with the high velocity they were trying to bounce twords the neighbors barn. So now I have this set up behind my paper targets… it lets me see the impact and do fine adjustments, but be safe because I know that all of my rounds stop just about 3' behind the paper!!! It is also very loud… louder than I expected for sure!!!

Overall, GREAT target!!! I got a cheap $15 set to build a sawhorse, made the legs 5' long (well the front is 2" shorter since I shoot aiming downhill and I heard someone say it would fall over in a review), cut the feet at an angle so the weight pulls them into the ground a little, some 1x2's as cross braces, and mounted eye bolts to the cross board. I have some cheap "keychain" carabiners that connect the chain to the eye bolts and presto!!! A perfect holder for this heavy plate! Now I can shoot everything up to .30-06 all day long and feel confident it is safe!!! Once sighted in, I put my 4" steel target I front of this one and even if I were to miss I'm still protected!!!
Review by David G (Posted on 12/23/2015)

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