Get free targets for referring your friends!

10$ in store credit for your friends: Get up to 30$ credit for each friend referred!

Shooting Target 7 Steel Gongs

Step 1

CLICK HERE to login or create an account if you don’t have one already.
(link opens in new window)

Step 2

Once logged in click the referred friends link on the left side or you can CLICK HERE to be taken there as well.

Step 3

Copy your referred friends link. For this to work correctly your friend must click YOUR referred friends link then register an account with us on the SAME MACHINE that they used to CLICK your link.

So What Happens Then?

Get some shooting buddies to click your link and register accounts with us. It would be helpful to tell them if they choose to click on it then register an account with us we will place 10$ in their account to use as they please. This is a huge intensive for people to use your link and get you some in store credit at the same time.

If you are a member of a gun forum you may consider putting your link in your forum signature or even making a TACTFUL post sharing your link with other forum members..

  1. Your referred friend gets 10$ in store credit to spend as they please.
  2. You get 10% of their purchases with us as in store credit.
  3. Your friend must spend at least 100$ with us for you to get your first 10% 
  4. After your friend reaches 300$ with us you will no longer get in store credit from that friend.

Your account will be credited in 3 stages

Your friend spends

- 100$ you get 10$

- 200$ you get 20$

- 300$ you get 30$

For a MAX of 30$ PER referred friend.

How do I spend my credit?

EASY!, our website will ask you how much of your credit you would like to use at checkout, just keep an eye out for this in your cart.


#1 I referred a friend but did not know about your referral program, can you add him/her for me?

Sorry it’s not possible. Our system needs your referred friend to click YOUR referral link and THEN register with the site. It’s the ONLY way the system can track purchases and give credit as earned.

The only work around is to delete his/her account and then follow the instructions on this page to refer that person correctly. From this point FORWARD will we be able to give you the credit you earn.

#2 Will this work if we are on the same internet connection or computer?

No, the system has anti fraud detection (to keep people from referring themselves) additionally they must register with our site with the SAME machine / browser they clicked YOUR referral link with.

#3 I don’t want to call you but I have questions can I email you instead? 

Sure, you can send me an email using our contact form or chat window in lower right corner. & I will answer your questions ASAP.

#4 OK so you will pay me 10% of my referred friends purchases, is that per friend or total?

It’s PER FRIEND that means there is basically no limit to the in store credit you can earn. You will be paid 10% when they cross 100$/200$300$ (they must purchase at a min $100 for you to get paid)

#5 Can I keep track of how much in store credit I have?

Yes that information is updated continuously and is displayed in your account area.

#6 What if my friends don’t register with your site, will I still get paid?

No but then they won’t get their $10 either, When they click the link you send or the broadcast link you post  they are sent to a video I made that explains why they need to register. Additionally, it’s impossible for our  system to track their purchases unless they do register

#7 I already have enough gongs, are you going to sell some new stuff?

YES, I have a lot of irons in the fire right now and some exciting new items are coming soon.

#8 What’s the best way to take advantage of this program?


I have several customers who have posted their referral links in gun forums. These customers have received THOUSANDS of dollars worth of FREE targets. 


To post in the forums you must use tact it would be helpful if you are already a trusted member of the forum. New members that pop in and suddenly start positing referral links all over the place may be chastised  by savvy forum members. Some forums in particular can be brutal, so take care not to offend.

NOTICE - Abuse Policy

Please do not post your referral links on any of our our sales threads or paid advertisements on Facebook or any other media we pay to advertise on.

The 10$ signup bonus we offer and our sharing of your referred friends sales is intended to reward YOUR friends and YOUR efforts for referring folks to us not people we are already paying to advertise to.

In order to preserve the program and continue to reward our loyal customers who refer THEIR friends, customers who “cherry pick” our paid sales threads by placing their referral links on them will be deleted from our store and their in store credit forfeited.