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Last updated: July 26th 2016

Steel Targets Are Better Than Paper

Shooting should be fun and AR500 steel targets are worlds better than shooting at paper. It can be frustrating when you have to constantly put down your weapon and walk out to a target to see if you have hit the target or not. It can also be a real hassle to have to constantly change the target out. The main goal behind target shooting is to improve your technique and your aim. Shooting at a paper or other stationary targets can get the job done but you can expect to spend a lot of time walking back and forth and checking on the target to see if you hit the target or not. Of course the stability of the paper target is always at issue as well.

Hardened Targets

Amazing Cut Quality On Our AR500 Targets

Saving Time There is nothing more frustrating than having to put your pistol or your rifle down every couple of rounds to have to go and check on the target to see if any of the shots have hit the mark or to repair/replace a damaged paper target. Walking back and forth takes the fun out of the practice and it also means that you get to spend less time practicing. This of course will interfere with your ability to improve your shooting and overall in your ability to protect yourself and your family.

ar500 targets are easy to set up and cut down on the amount of lost time you will spend shooting. The audible clang when you hit the target means you do not have to walk down to the target every 10 minutes to see if you hit the target. Metal targets take away the guesswork of determining hits or misses.

Hearing Plays a Role When you are target shooting your brain depends on all the senses. You need to be able to sight your steel shooting targets and you need to be able to hear if the target was hit or not. It becomes a sort of learned behavior. Like a reward to your brain when you can actually hear the target being hit. Using metal targets for shooting will help you to become a better shooter faster.

Your brain and the part of your brain that works with your vision stores the response of the clang when you hit steel pistol targets or steel rifle targets. It becomes an automatic response over time each time you are out target practicing your brain will be listening for that clang and reward you with those good feeling endorphin.

It is one of the best learning tools there is. When you use AR500 targets you are helping the learning process greatly and you will see a much quicker improvement in your ability. Visual Verification The steel pistol targets as well as steel rifle targets offer an audible response AND a visual response. When you hit the target it moves so you can see when it is a hit. Between the audible and  the visual response provided by the shooting targets you will have immediate feed back each time you fire. Organizations such as the steel challenge use AR500 targets exclusively.

Reactive AR Targets will help you learn faster

These shooting targets are ideal learning tools. Studies have shown that people learn better when they receive immediate feedback provided by AR500 targets. Think of it this way; when you take a test if you can have the correct or incorrect response immediately it helps you to remember the correct answer. If you are given the answers after you have already moved on to other questions it is harder to retain the information.

Reactive Targets Are Better!

Shooting instructors report that reactive targets are simply a better choice. They report that students experience the greatest amount of improvement when they use reactive targets. It stands to reason that if you can get an immediate response ar500 targets will let you know right away what you are doing right!

Different Sizes Of AR Targets offers a full range of quality shooting targets for sale. You can choose from targets that range from 1.2lbs that are 4”x3/8” all the way up to a 32 lb target that is 16”X16”. All of our AR500 Laser Cut Shooting Targets are of the highest quality. You can order online and have them shipped right to your front door for hours and hours of shooting fun. There is no better way to improve your shooting and to have fun while you are doing it. For a list of shooting ranges check out this link here at Wikipedia.

steel silhouette targets

AR500 steel silhouette targets can be a lot of fun as well

Even ordering the Steel Gongs is hassle free! You can use these AR500 targets again and again. The price is right considering the opportunity that they present even the novice! Order your reactive steel targets today!
by mark leenheer